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Following In The Way of Jesus

OOOh! My Dog Smells!

It started off as a faint whisp in the air. You can imagine it. Not quite sure what it was or where it came from. Every time the dog walked past it was stronger, but an initial inspection of Porthos didn’t reveal anything. Not finding anything it was easy to ignore, until it struck you again. Smell the floor, no. Smell the dogs bedding, no. Check under shoes, no. Where could it be? 


All, of a sudden, there it was, a lump, right behind Porthos’ ear. It was dark and entangled. I pulled a small piece out, held it to my nostrils, and inhaled. Sure enough, the mutt had rolled his head into something. “Wash him!”  My wife said. Not, “good job, honey. Well done.” Nope, just “wash him.” 

The dog must not have liked the smell either, because he stepped into the shower stall by himself. Soap and Water, towel and “shake”, and the a hair blower; he was finished. Better than new, for a two year old dog.

Sometimes I get a whiff of something that is really rotten. A bad attitude, a crude joke, maybe it’s gossip or backbiting. The stench is at its worst when it is coming from me. Sin is that way. We wallow in it so much the smell is familiar, and we think it is normal. Only when someone points it out do we know there is a problem, if we’re willing to admit the truth of it.   

The stench of sin doesn’t come off easily, it takes a special product to remove it, and even then it tries to come back. The Bible says, “there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood.” It is through the blood of Jesus that our sin is washed away. He removes the stain, and we are made as white as wool. It is applied by faith. Do you have faith? Has the blood of Jesus cleansed you from your sin? If so wire “hallelujah” in the comment box.

Porthos has had a bath, been sprayed with a little doggy perfume, dried, and brushed. I will keep an eye one him for a while. I’m a realist. I’m sure that as soon as I stop watching he will find something. I’m just saying....

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