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Dr. Paul Perkins

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For an author writing is as necessary as breathing. They don't write for money or to court literary fame, but because they believe they have something to say. It matters not that anyone will read or listen, the words must be written, and if in the process someone is blessed -- all the more wonderful

Dr. Perkins has written for a long time, but only recently has sought to publish his work and venture into new genres. He believes in education, finally earning his doctorate at the age of 55. He believes that learning never ends, giving fodder to the imagination and breathing life into the characters on his page. His hope is to continue telling stories for a new generation of readers and aspiring authors.

Dr. Perkins' first novel is "Centurion: From glory to glory", but is not his first book. He has written "Legacy to my sons", "The Lost Shepherd", "The prayer of a transformed life", "The Cost", and a verity of Christian Youth Devotionals. 

Why I Love Church: Part One

She was the smartest, prettiest, and most gracious girl I had ever met.  She also laughed at my jokes.  When I first met my wife we were in a freshman college class. Required to sit alphabetically she was the reluctant recipient of my affection.  There were days she came to class determined to ignore my charm and tenacity, but persistence won out.  Certain that I would receive a positive response I asked her out on a date only to be rejected.  My ego was wounded, but my determination was not diminished; I wore her down until she relented.  We had our first date, and we lived happily ever after.

            We had been dating for a while when, the week before the party (we didn’t have dances) where the girls asked the guys, she wanted to take a break from our dating relationship. There are differing accounts of this event, but the next week was excruciating for me.  In the end I was able to talk my way back into her heart, and a year and half after dating I asked her to marry me, and we lived happily ever after.

            Stepping off the plane I was wearing a tattered leather jacket, a British cap with an afro poking out from under it, painters overalls, and carrying a guitar case with the words “Jesus Saves” painted in bright yellow on its side.  When my wife’s father met me he greeted me warmly.  Over the next month I worked in his church with the teens and waited for his daughter to join us.  When she finally arrived her parents took her aside and asked, “Are you sure you want to marry this young man?”  And we lived happily ever after.

            We were engaged for a year and half, way too long for a young couple in love.  Our Bible College had strict rules that were difficult to adhere to, and we fought over their application.  There were ups and downs and I am sure moments where her parents’ question echoed in her ears.  In the end we planned our wedding, invited our guests, and waited with great anticipation for that special day.

            Looking back I can’t, for the life of me, understand why I picked baby blue for the color of my tux, but no one was looking at me.  When the music played and the congregation stood all eyes turned to the woman walking down the isle.  When I saw her for the first time, wearing the long white gown, approaching me with a smile that melted my heart, everything that happened in the past faded away.  She was a bride prepared for this moment, she was pure, she was dedicated, and she was giving herself to me.  When the vows were said, the promises made, and our commitment sealed with a kiss, I was the happiest man alive.  And we lived happily ever after.

 “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns. 7 “Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.” 8 It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.”  Revelation 19: 6,7

I Love The Church because it is the bride of Christ.  With all its imperfections it is the object of Christ’s affection.  He has made her holy and pure.  It is His death and resurrection that prepares her for the wedding day.  Life is not made up of “Happily Ever Afters”, but it is the testing ground of our faith and the preparation for the marriage of the Lamb.  When that time comes, when the church walks down the isle to meet her groom, all that will be seen is the glory of what God has done to prepare her for that moment.  The past will have faded, the tears will have been wiped, the pain will have been healed, and all sorrow turned to joy.  I love the church not because of what she is, but for what she will become in Christ.  I’m Just Saying… (Continued).